Monday, February 26, 2007

all about us

A group of avid rughookers in St Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick, Canada get together weekly to work on rugs, mats and wall hangings in the traditional manner, from the very fine cuts of wool to the chunkier 'primitive' styles.

We make rugs for the floor, chairmats, table mats and rug hangings to be displayed on the wall. Big, small and inbetween, colours of every description, either from as-is wool off the bolt, recycled wool from whatever source [always well washed and dried to slightly felt or 'full' the wool and get rid of any moth eggs or surface dirt that might be clinging to the fabric] and the limitless results of our dye pots. Some like the pictorials, others are fond of geometrics or abstract designs, some go for realism and others like the naive or primitive look. We share our wool, our stories and our strengths. Some of the group members have been 'at' rughooking for 30 years or more, and others are very new, working on their first little mat.

Years ago, rugs were hooked out of whatever came to hand — old clothes from the ragbag or leftover yarn from knitting sweaters, hats & mittens, made to fend off the cold Atlantic winds and spray. Necessity was truly the mother of invention — those draughty homes and chilly floors cried out for cozy mats. Today, the St Andrews “SeasideHookers” meet weekly to fashion mats and rugs of various designs and styles... some original, others from traditional or commercial patterns. It's recycling at its finest! All are welcome… experience not required… just bring your imagination.

April 28/07 note: our group is now called the Quoddy Loopers