Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ruben's mat

This is a name mat for our grandson, Ruben; the most adorable baby ever (as all grandchildren are, I'm sure!). I've done them for most of my great-nieces and nephews, and this one is a little bigger than the others... once I decided on a Noah's Ark theme, it needed to be a goodish size to get a few of the animal pairs in. [post edited with finished photo of Ruben's rug]

If I'd only known that Ruben already knows how to say 'moo' for a cow and 'quack, quack' for ducks, I would have tried to work them into the rug as well!

In this photo from his first birthday party (in Ottawa, which we couldn't get to... sniff... sigh...) Ruben is exploring... and found an interesting set of shiny ribbons, connected to balloons!

Then there was cake, with chocolate icing--I'm sure you can imagine the glee! And presents, of course, and cousins, great grandparents and loads of other family. But not us; I've made the trip up to 'Upper Canada' six times since Ruben was born, but couldn't get there for this event. I'm saving my pennies for next year!

We did visit over the holidays and had a lot of fun. Living on the east coast, many hundreds of miles/kilometres away is getting to be harder and harder, the older he gets. Thank goodness for the internet and its facility of sharing photos; we don't feel quite as separated as we might have.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Day give-away... free!

Here is a very generous offer from a rughooker on her blog: just click on the wreath to take you there for a chance to win goodies! Trudy will pick a winner on Christmas Day, right after dinner.