Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Brunswick Mat Registry - News Update May 2010

Judy Morrison, administrator of the NBMR, sends out this information regarding this exciting project. It is a brave undertaking to catalogue histories and images of rugs and mats in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Mat Registries
§ Spring registries are being held in St Andrews and Bouctouche., New Brunswick. The Quoddy Loopers and Kingsbrae Garden are hosting a NBMR registry on May 29, 9am to 4pm. Les Hookeuses de Bouctouche and Kent Museum are hosting a NBMR registry on June 5th. These will be our first public registries and we are excited to see what treasurers are out there!
§  If you have a mat or rug you would like to enter into the registry, please leave a comment here on the blog and we will contact you  to make an appointment on May 29th in St Andrews.
§ In the fall we are planning registries in Fredericton and Moncton. Dates and venues to be confirmed.
§ It has been suggested that we start a waiting list for registries. So... if you know someone that has a mat to register– send me their name and phone number. When there is a registry scheduled for their region we can phone them.

(image is of Louise M's rug, made from an old pattern inherited from her aunt, done in #8 cut wool) 

Growing Support
· The support for NBMR is growing both with our fellow hookers and with others interested in protecting this unique resource for the people of New Brunswick.
· The University of Moncton – Acadian Museum have offered resources to support the project.

Financial Support
· The NBMR has obtained a major financial sponsor - Briggs and Little Woolen Mill. They are providing a portion of funding to support our registries for five years. We will be printing our brochure showing their support. Please support them as a customer when you can! The mill is located inbetween Fredericton and St Andrews, NB. They make a wide range of wonderful colours of 100% Canadian domestic wools in different weights (up to 46 colours in each one), milled at their factory in York Mills, New Brunswick, Canada, the same place it's been for over 150 years. "Try Knitting with the same yarn that your Grandma and Great Grandma used!"

click on image below, for more information on the mat registry:
· Fredericton’s Heritage Guild sponsored a great project hooking ornaments that sold very successfully, contributing a large donation to the registry.
· New Brunswick hooking groups continue to donate monies to the registry. These are so important – whether $10 or $100. This support is the foundation of the project’s longevity and shows other contributors that the project is supported from the ground up.
· We are working on a financial campaign with a package (letter, information and donation form) that will be available to approach potential contributors. Let me know if you know someone who could be interested in contributing to this project, and I will pass along the info to the group.
Please note: the registry is not a financial assessment of rugs, but an effort to gather information that might otherwise be lost to future generations.