Friday, November 26, 2010

Mystery clamshell and hit-or-miss rug

Judith Dallegret posted a mystery rug on her blog "Just go hook it", with a lovely runner - partially completed - using a clamshell border and a beautifully conceived and hooked hit-or-miss central motif. It is an excellent example of using a traditional design or motif - in this case, two quilt patters, clamshell and feathers, to make a terrific geometric mat. "Scrappy" rugs like this are a great way to use up those spare woolly worms we all end up with, or tiny scraps of special wools from other projects, although scrappy is not really the right adjective for this one. Delish!
Have a look, and if you know the creator please let Judith know by clicking on the link to her blog under the photo. I'd love to know too, so I can attribute it properly.


Of Petals and Wool: Food Court Mob, Hallelujah Chorus ...

I have to wonder how many were plants (from a community choir, for instance) and how many just joined in for the love of singing. I bet there were a lot of people in the food court and mall that day that had never heard the splendour of the Hallelujah chorus sung in parts by a 'mob'.

(link to) Of Petals and Wool blog: video - Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus ...

Religious affiliation aside, this is a vocal tour de force. The acoustics aren't bad, either!

The greens look a tad grey here, and the letters need tweaking, but it seems to fit with today's post. A traditional style hooked mat with padulas - imaginary flowers - in 100% wool, woven and sweater/knit strips. #6-8 and handcut on Verel. (Maureen M)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Hurricane Hook-in, come and gone...

Mats on display - great when visitors bring their
show & tell to add to ours!

The Quoddy Loopers of St Andrews NB held their 4th annual Hurricane Hook-in Nov 6th--always the 1st Saturday of November, so please mark your calendars for next year (Nov 5th, 2011).

There were over 40 people in attendance and it would seem a good time was had by all. Unfortunately, I had to miss as a family visit coincided. Thanks to Sandra L for taking these photos so I didn't feel totally left out!

Three of Deanne Fitzpatrick's wonderful women... not sure who they are hooked by. It's neat to see so many of these women and how different dress/hair/background colours give individual character to each one. Two mats by (I believe) Mary G of Fredericton: a crisp Celtic and monochromatic self-portrait. The different styles available to us are legion; this shows three distinct and delightful takes on rughooking.
 A few Quoddy Loopers in the background
with guests enjoying a visit in the fore

a happy mat, marking seasons of the year
I love the mat on the right, which was inspired by a decorative tin, left, by Carol-Ann N of Carnegie Rughookers in Saint John. It's been interesting to see it progress over the last year or so; looks like binding is all that's left to finish.

Sande and David Gunning of River brought their roving shop to St Andrews (from Glenwood, NB, not far from Saint John and GrandBay/Westfield). As well as supplying rughookers with great wools, patterns, notions, etc, they bring some delicious batik and other quilting cottons every year, as the Guild does a lot of quilting to support the Church. River Gallery generously donated several yards of luscious wool to add to our door prizes and raffle baskets, which is much appreciated, helping everyone to have a wonderful day.

Two generous gift baskets were raffled off, with funds going to the church where we meet every Wednesday, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, missing the very occasional stormy or holiday Wednesday. Our group is smaller these days, with members having different priorities in life, but it's good to see some out at the hook-in (minus hurricane) and wonderful that even those who could not be present contributed so we would have a fun gift for each guest as well as these baskets to raffle. Kimm M of Fredericton HRHG won the big basket. Carol-Ann N, Gwen H, Sandra S, David G and Rhonda B were our other winners of door prizes. We hope those who come infrequently, continue to come and that those faces we haven't seen in awhile will return to hook with us!
More visitors, some from HRHG and at least one from Carnegie. Mary J is holding the front line, with surgery recovery getting in the way of wielding her hook. Of course, a lot of the 'business' of any hook-in is looking at each other's rugs and mats, chatting, enjoying the camaraderie... and the food. As always, the Guild ladies of the Catholic Church of St Andrew presented a lovely lunch, with sandwiches and sweets provided by the Loopers.  

Hope to see everyone next year, or sooner!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More mats on the go by Quoddy Loopers...

Mary J's wedding rug for Natasha
Mary J designed a sunshiney yellow mat for her niece and new husband...  "Live Love Laugh Forever" - good words to be going on with in a marriage!
Hella H put her current mat on hold to work on her Rug Rave rug for Rug Aid. (designer, Heather Ritchie)
Hella H's Rug-Aid Rug Rave mat in progress
I am, unfortunately, late in getting these posted, so will hope to soon have finished photos of them all!
Lynn K's mat is nearly finished!
 Lynn K has a couple of mats done. This one is adorable and so close to being finished; designed by ????. The apple tree, saltbox house, padula flower, stars and crescent moon make an appealing scene, out of scale as many primitive rugs are.

Lynn is currently working on Sylvia Squirrel, a free pattern from Rug Hooking Magazine. Sept/Oct 2009 issue, designed by Mary Johnson, Designs in Wool. Her squirrel has sparkly fluffy grey tail and accents - very cute!

Here are a few small (approx 6" in diameter) funny faces that I plan to stuff and stick on branches gathered from our little woods, with ribbons around their 'necks'. From there, who knows? Perhaps stand in a plant or a vase, just for fun. (Thanks to Pauline, on Rug Hooking Daily / RHD for letting me 'borrow' her idea! However, the designs are my own, such as they are)

RHD is the free rughooking forum started by Heidi Wulfraat of London-Wul for Atlantic Canadian wool addicts, but now the membership is global.