Saturday, July 19, 2008

a work in progress

Art is Life -- Life is Art

At our weekly hooking sessions, we are working on a group project -- a St Andrews by-the-Sea pictorial. It's fairly large and we only work on it at the group [Wednesday nights, and only one or two of us at a time, so it's going to be quite awhile before it's finished]. I took a photo of it just before we turned to the next section, so I thought I'd share it. It is 3 1/2 ft by 4.75ft , I think, on primitive linen - mostly as-is wool, but I dyed some, too.

Hella Haun hooked the windmill [and she's only two years into her hooking!] and Jan Hunter did a masterful job on the lighthouse. I work in wide cuts, so most of the rest is mine, with a couple of people doing a tree or some rocks, here and there. This picture was taken just before we turned to the middle third 'panel', and it is coming along. I was particularly pleased with the wool I dyed for the church stained glass windows - it worked - though basic multi-colours, it gives the effect I was looking for.

We are going to do the lettering later and finish the sky when we have the main hooking done.

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Sunnie said...

Hi answered my "size" question (on Snippets!!) on your pictorial rug here on your Blog!!! : )

I love this rug you are doing!! What fun...and it is terrific!
I put your blog on my Old Crow Farm Blogroll so I can zip over and see how you are progressing!
I'm still going like crazy on "Helen's"!! LOL
Happy Hooking!
Hugs, Sunnie : )