Friday, January 9, 2009

Atlantic Canada's new rughooking forum

Just this week, Heidi Wulfraat of London-Wul Fibre Arts started a new rughooking forum for Atlantic Canada's diverse group of rughookers at RUG HOOKING DAILY . Of course, since rughookers are wonderful people and love to share, the online forum is open to all rughookers and creative types who would like to join.

As Heidi says, it's "A forum to provide rughookers and mixed media artists with contacts and communications. Post your artwork, special interests and events." Also: "Here's how it began.... while attending a hooked bag class by Jennifer Manuell (during Deanne Fitzpatrick's Creativity Symposium) I accepted the challenge to develop a register of rug hooking contacts for Atlantic Canada. So here we are...... rughookers unite! From Atlantic Canada and beyond..... All are welcome."

It didn't take long for the word to spread and now there are dozens of members, in only a couple of days!

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