Sunday, April 12, 2009

April is here - and so is the snow...

It is hard to believe that we are a good way into April and Mother Nature has seen fit to give us more snow -- just when we had nearly gotten rid of the winter pile-up, which was unusually generous this year. So, with winter on the way out an spring surely just around the corner, I have just finished a traditional holly mat for a friend [who is doing her holiday shopping very early] and adapted another mat for a much-needed burst of spring and flowers.

Having been 'out of the loop' lately, I don't have any photos from other Quoddy Loopers, but hope to redress that situation this week! I'm sure they've been up to some wonderful work while I've been away.

If you love rughooking and haven't found it yet, there is another relatively new web forum called The Welcome Mat, started by Wanda Kerr, the wool dyeing maven from Wiarton, Ontario [Canada]. Do drop by and take a look - sign up if you are a fibre enthusiast, crafter or artist. Delightful array of rugs, mats and other hooked items - bags, purses, 3D creations, a bit of felting, some great braided/hooked rugs... loads to wander through and get inspired by.

Wanda's website has a full description of her classes, hook-ins, etc.


Jennifer Manuell said...

Hi Maureen!

Thank you for all of your kind words and comments on my blog. It would be great to see you next time you're in Ontario.....or maybe you could come to visit me in October when I'm in Amherst? (I'm teaching another purse workshop as part of the fibre arts festival, as well as taking a class with Deanne and Doris Eaton).

maureenm said...

Sounds divine! And for a sneak peek at Jennifer's amazing purses and other goodies: visit Fish Eye Rugs at:
fisheyerugs DOT blogspot DOT com