Saturday, May 16, 2009

Meeting on the Path... more of Deanne's work, hooked by Cindy

This is another of Deanne Fitzpatrick's designs: Meeting on the Path, hooked by Cindy Needler, the instigator of our group -- we saw the wonderful things she was hooking about 5 years ago and had to learn how! The group has grown steadily since then to include 19 full and part-timers. Visitors always welcome.

Cindy used a Pendleton plaid wool shirt to very good effect in this mat - coordinating the house, roof and path by judicious use of different values stripped out from the plaid. Cindy works in the heavier cuts - mostly #6 and up.

Weekly Quoddy Loopers meetings: Catholic Church of St Andrew parish centre --210 Parr Street (corner of King and Parr/side door) in St. Andrews, NB -- 6:30 to 8:30 pm

News from Deanne Fitzpatrick -

"The Big News is I am on the move, but just around the corner. In early June we’ll be moving the studio around the corner to 33 Church Street, two doors up onto the main street from our current location. We’re growing , making more room for our workshops, a fancy little tea kitchen, where you can make your own cuppa when you come in, and a dye kitchen at the studio.

Dreams are coming true."

It will be just around the corner from 7 Electric Street, behind Mansour's Menswear, where she is now. We have been discussing a road trip to visit her in Amherst, Nova Scotia and Heidi at London-Wul in Moncton [NB], so now we really must, to see the new space.

If we leave really early, we might even get a stop in at our favourite local wool shop - River Gallery. If there's a special spot in heaven for rughookers, this trio of creative and wonderful women must surely be represented there!

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Wanda said...

What a delightful post! I am originally from the Moncton area and learned to hook from Deanne Fitzpatrick; I also have occasional correspondance with Heidi Wulfrat. I have gotten away from the craft of rug hooking since moving to Alberta four years. After seeing the lovely photo of "Meeting on the Path", I want to get back to hooking. I hope your road trip to Amherst works out; it sounds like grand fun. Wanda in Edmonton