Monday, January 25, 2010

Mary's special rugs for Megan and Diane

Megan's Garden, designed by Denise Chessie and hooked for Megan, Mary's 6 year old great niece, for Christmas, 2009. The design offers a bug's eye view of a garden, with delightful, expressive crawlies and winged insects. The fun colours make it a special gift and one that Megan couldn't wait to tickle her toes on. She got it right away that it would be delightful to step onto her rug with her bare feet each morning. It's always a happy thing when a recipient really appreciates their hand crafted gift of love.

Megan's rug is done in #3, 4 & 5 cut on cotton rug warp

The next is also by Mary J - Ann Hanging Wash. Mary says "it was designed by Joan Kays and hooked for my best friend Diane on her 67th birthday in 2007.  It was returned to me by her son after she lost her battle with cancer in May of 2009."

Joan Kays holds the rights to sell the 'Anne'© designs, featuring Prince Edward Island's beloved Anne of Green Gables™. Mary uses her favourite spot and specialty dyed wools (in #3, 4 & 5 cuts) to create a beautiful vignette. Joan's patterns come on a wonderful smooth linen that is a joy to work on.

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Dave said...

Great entry. Keep up the awesome work!