Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rugs at the Ross Museum

In posting photos of our group, the Quoddy Loopers, I drew mostly on photos from our room at the Ross Museum Open House, 2006, as those are the ones I have handy.

Every year, the residents of St Andrews pick rooms in the beautiful Ross Memorial Museum in town, and decorate according to that year's theme. The Quoddy Loopers brought out mats, rugs, ornaments and equipment to illustrate how "The Spirit of Christmas warms our hearts as the hand hooked mats of yesteryear warmed the homes of our forebears". Several members also took turns throughout that weekend to sit in the parlour amongst our mats and holiday decorations and do what we love to do -- hook rugs! These demonstrations were well-received and attracted a couple of new members. The open house is always the first weekend in December, a much-loved part of the local winter festival, "A Season of Lights & Wonder".

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