Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Deanne Fitzpatrick has a new Studio!

If you like hooked rugs... and I assume you do, if you've stuck around after finding this blog... please visit Deanne Fitzpatrick, either online at http://www.hookingrugs.com/ or in person at her wonderful new studio at 7 Electric Street, in Amherst, Nova Scotia [Canada]. Deanne was kind enough to open her studio for me yesterday [not usually open on a Sunday] and I spent a happy hour browsing, soaking up the beautiful rugs and mats on display, the fabulous colours in wool, yarn, silk and other media, and chatting with Deanne as she effortlessly drew her characteristically bold and breezy designs right on to burlap and linen. Deanne's Newfoundland roots and her inspirational artistic talents are infused in her spirited designs; her sense of colour and form is magical. I wanted one of everything, but had to settle for a modest haul of beautiful wool, silk and a divine mohair hand-dyed yarn for my current projects. Deanne very kindly looked at my Tangled Garden mat and offered some excellent advice; now to get back to it with her encouragement fresh in my mind!

Deanne’s workshops and symposia are generally sold out well in advance. Currently a symposium for October 2008 is being planned.

Several of our Quoddy Loopers have done or are in the midst of doing Deanne’s patterns. They are full of life and vitality. If you visit her hookingrugs website, you’ll be doing yourself a favour.

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