Friday, January 8, 2010

a little more of this and that

For me, Christmas and Chanukah are a time to give to people I love and to some I don't even know - sharing and hopefully putting a smile on the recipients' faces. The chalkboard was a gift for my niece, Sarah, and she did like it. The wooden 'frame' was bought, I dip-dyed the wool fabric for the sunset/sky, the wildflower grass is a novelty yarn and the tree is as-is brown tweed. I painted the lower section with chalkboard paint and found some chalk and a tiny eraser at the dollar store - backed it with wool, inserting a loop in to hang it from the peg. I think my fellow Quoddy Looper, Nancy, found the frame at a garage sale - two of them, in fact, and gave them to me. I love a challenge!

The gift for another niece, Cora, is a little shoulder bag made from a jeans pant leg, the flap is hooked with hit-or-miss blues in "cat's paws" on a black background [on linen, mostly #6 cut 100% wool] and the strap is wool as well. I figured most teenagers wear jeans and like black, so it would hopefully be something she'd like and use. I sewed on a little cell phone pocket under the flap, it being a constant accessory! Her brother Charlie is an astronomy enthusiast; they are both half English and half Canadian, hence the flags (above). I think that covers all the nieces and nephews, and most of our great-nieces and nephews; there are just a few who haven't had a name mat or something. Not sure what I'll do for gifts once they all have mats! I did try to get Cora and her sister Lily interested in hooking when the family was visiting from Leeds [England] a few years ago, but they were maybe a little young. I'll try again on the next visit.