Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More mats on the go by Quoddy Loopers...

Mary J's wedding rug for Natasha
Mary J designed a sunshiney yellow mat for her niece and new husband...  "Live Love Laugh Forever" - good words to be going on with in a marriage!
Hella H put her current mat on hold to work on her Rug Rave rug for Rug Aid. (designer, Heather Ritchie)
Hella H's Rug-Aid Rug Rave mat in progress
I am, unfortunately, late in getting these posted, so will hope to soon have finished photos of them all!
Lynn K's mat is nearly finished!
 Lynn K has a couple of mats done. This one is adorable and so close to being finished; designed by ????. The apple tree, saltbox house, padula flower, stars and crescent moon make an appealing scene, out of scale as many primitive rugs are.

Lynn is currently working on Sylvia Squirrel, a free pattern from Rug Hooking Magazine. Sept/Oct 2009 issue, designed by Mary Johnson, Designs in Wool. Her squirrel has sparkly fluffy grey tail and accents - very cute!

Here are a few small (approx 6" in diameter) funny faces that I plan to stuff and stick on branches gathered from our little woods, with ribbons around their 'necks'. From there, who knows? Perhaps stand in a plant or a vase, just for fun. (Thanks to Pauline, on Rug Hooking Daily / RHD for letting me 'borrow' her idea! However, the designs are my own, such as they are)

RHD is the free rughooking forum started by Heidi Wulfraat of London-Wul for Atlantic Canadian wool addicts, but now the membership is global.

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