Friday, November 26, 2010

Mystery clamshell and hit-or-miss rug

Judith Dallegret posted a mystery rug on her blog "Just go hook it", with a lovely runner - partially completed - using a clamshell border and a beautifully conceived and hooked hit-or-miss central motif. It is an excellent example of using a traditional design or motif - in this case, two quilt patters, clamshell and feathers, to make a terrific geometric mat. "Scrappy" rugs like this are a great way to use up those spare woolly worms we all end up with, or tiny scraps of special wools from other projects, although scrappy is not really the right adjective for this one. Delish!
Have a look, and if you know the creator please let Judith know by clicking on the link to her blog under the photo. I'd love to know too, so I can attribute it properly.



Kim said...

The colors in this rug are so beautiful.

maureenm said...

I thought so too - maybe the person who hooked it will see it and solve the mystery!

Thanks for visiting our blog.

dulcy said...

Didn't I see this on Judith's blog? I immediately was inspired by it. Love design and colors!

maureenm said...

Yes, Dulcy - as I said on the blog, I am hopeful that someone will recognize the mat and the creator and both Judith and I can give it proper attribution.

It really sang to me, too!

Judith Dallegret said...

yes Maureen !but I still dont know who hooked it?!!!!