Friday, June 10, 2011

Maureen's batch of mats

The fantasy mat on the right I call "tall skinny crewel"; it was hooked in wide-cut bright colours right into a fairly loosely woven Cottage Craft wool, to brighten up a dark corner by our back door. Because no flower is meant to be recognizable, it was fun to just play with colours and shapes; these type of flowers are often called 'padulas' in rughooking circles. Hooked in many cuts, from #3 to hand-torn 1/2" wide wools. As-is and specialty dyed wools; 10" wide by 39" tall.

Cottage Craft is a wool shop in the heart of St Andrews, NB (Canada), right on Market Square: "Producing quality Canadian woollen products in St. Andrews by-the-Sea for over ninety years…." They offer handknit sweaters, exclusive tweed apparel, woollen skeins in a wide array of colours and sweater kits. Cottage Craft yarns and hand-woven tweed are 100% wool, made here in the Canadian maritimes.


A funky cat (left), hooked for a friend's sister-in-law. Hooked in wide cut yarn fabric; 10" x 8". 

Georgia's mat, below, was made for our one-year old granddaughter.

The mat is 29" W x 20" tall, hooked on linen;  mainly #6 to #8 cut (6/32" to 8/32", which is how rughookers measure the cut wool strips that we use to hook our mats and rugs) with some hand-torn, up to 5/8" wide.

Georgia trying out her new mat, before it was finished (also her new birthday bathing suit, ready for summer fun!)

Here are some more mats, in various stages. I guess I should finish up a few!
Two Deer & a Tree
(Mostly wide hand-torn and cut 100% wool fabrics,
on burlap; 22" x 19")
abstract hit-or-miss, scrappy little mat
(10.5" x 12"; unfinished)

stained glass workshop little mat
(10.5" x 14"; unfinished)
Another crewel play piece, destined to be
a pillow someday. Fantasy flowers are fun!
(#5,6 & 8 cuts; 13" x 12.5" on Verel; unfinished)

(all original designs, Maureen Mc, except stained glass sailboat, from a workshop with Doris Norman)


Lesley Ann Staples said...

Love love love "tall skinny crewel" well done! the background hooked? I can't tell from the picture.

maureenm said...

Thanks Lesley Ann - it was a lot of fun to draw and hook. The background is loosely woven wool. I've given the name of the wool company, which is located right here in our little town of St Andrews, in the text. Lovely yummy warm chocolate colour, and saves a pile of hooking!
cheers, maureen

wendyytb said...

Has this site closed down? I don't see any posts for almost a year....

Janet Bocciardi said...

Oh I love seeing all these rugs!

I hope you get this Maureen, because I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. It looks like your two are not getting attention, but believe me I understand. There's only so much time for hooking and blog posting!