Thursday, February 13, 2014

Impossible! Where did the time go?

Things have been moving along, but posts to the blog are not keeping pace. Apologies for that! Quoddy Loopers continue to meet weekly, but sadly, I am no longer there. A dream job came up for my husband and we moved, leaving idyllic St Andrews and the whole marvelous east coast for central Canada. We are now condo dwellers, in the midst of Toronto. On the plus side, I've already found a congenial group to hook with. But then, aren't all rughooking groups friendly? They are, in my experience. I joined the Upper Toronto Group and may get to the Agincourt group as well. For now, I am still settling the astonishly vast amount of wool I've amassed over the last several years. It was squirreled away in various spots in our little New Brunswick house, but is now overflowing the shelves and nearly out the door of the little solarium that is to be my new rug/sewing room (the +1 of our 2+1 condo); lovely eastern light with a full wall of windows, but tiny. Maybe this week I will make more progress. The rug that consumed me at the end of my NB stint was the St Andrews mat I'd begun five or so years ago. Specifically with no deadline. However, as they say, life had other plans for me, and a push was on to get it finished before I left town. The Loopers pulled together and we had a few group sessions, where everyone worked on the mat together, around a quilt frame, finishing the lettering and rest of the border.

And soon, another Quoddy Looper will take over the reins of the blog - yay! Louise has kindly agreed to take it on. I do apologize for the long time between posts! I'll leave you with one last mat of mine, hooked in the summer. See the green grass behind it? It's coming back, I'm sure of it....

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