Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another Rainy Wednesday

It seems that for months and months Wednesday nights have been bad for driving.  Tonight was no exception with rain at times heavy and fog.  I noticed a Mama Turkey with several babies on the way to St. Andrews last Sunday evening.  She was one big Mama.  I would hate to run into her on the road.

Normally I don't mind driving but I went to Calais looking for plastic knives strong enough to cut steak this morning and tomorrow I have to go to St. John.  I hope what I bought works out for my husband's Trap Shoot on Saturday. (I tried them on Shake and Bake chicken and they cut pretty good.)  I have also been volunteered to make chocolate chip cookies and Caesar Salad.

Add to that list my quilting group is hosting a quilt show on Friday and Saturday in St. George and I am trying to put the binding on the last of 3 scrappy quilts.  I said in passing to my husband, "Who would have imagined that there was that much fabric in my sewing room?" and he raised his hand.  I had to laugh at that.

I can't sleep tonight because I started to think just as soon as I got into bed.  I started to read and I found a slip of paper in the book that said, "Give me coffee to change the things I can change and wine to accept the things I can't."  I don't know who wrote it but it would make a great rug.  That is when I decided to get up and turn the computer on and look at Rug Hooking Daily and Facebook Rug Group.  Then I checked to see if I had won the lottery but I still don't know because I would have to get up and find the ticket to check it.

Next week I hope to get back to the hooking.  With the scraps all sewed together I now have room for wool and I can sort it into colour groups.  I should take a road trip and look at wool and rugs.  I think Nova Scotia is a good place for that and I may just get up some morning and go.  Weather and turkeys permitting.

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