Wednesday, July 23, 2014

scrappy mats X 2

At tonight's hooking in St. Andrews there was 3. Sandra, Susan and me.
Susan was finishing up a chair pad that was a nice combination of colours. Golds, I'd say.  We thought about whether when you finished it was when you finished hooking or when it was completed.  I guess either one works.
Sandra was starting a new hit or miss mat.  She has a scale basket full of worms. This new mat  has a heart in every other block and four small blocks in the alternate block.  She is hooking the small blocks in outline with bright colours.
I am still working on the American Quilt pattern by Carolyn Buttolph and using up Wool of the Month.  This is the second rug of this pattern that I have made and I can't decide how to hook it.  I keep changing my mind as to what wool to put where so I spend a lot of time just looking at it all.  Very enjoyable evening.
Next time I will take a camera.

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